I have an idea: We can take stories from video games and put them in television shows!

According to a report — which GamesBeat is working to confirm — that’s exactly what is happening with Electronic Arts’ Battlefield: Bad Company. Fox has apparently begun development on an hour-long action-comedy series based on the first-person shooters.

Former Alias executive producer John Eisendrath will run and write the show. Sony TV — the media conglomerate’s production company — and Happy Madison — actor Adam Sandler’s production company — will also be a part of the show’s development. Doug Robinson of Happy Madison will coproduce the show along with EA’s Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien.

The show will follow the same four characters from the games (Private Marlowe, Private Sweetwater, Private Haggard, and Sergeant Redford) as they leave the military and begin work as guns-for-hire. It turns out that their former commanding officer wants them dead because they know too much about a secret shadow unit he created within the government.

EA developer DICE released the original Battlefield: Bad Company for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2008. Critics lauded its multiplayer and fun characters. A sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, hit PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 in 2010. EA and Dice have yet to confirm a third game.