Crysis 3

Developer Crytek 3 is hyping up its first-person shooter with a video reveal of its multiplayer … and it has a 15-foot-tall mech and a social network.

Crysis 3 debuts in February for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, and it’s the latest entry in publisher Electronic Arts’ supersoldier franchise. Crytek presented its single-player campaign during the industry trade show, Electronic Entertainment Expo, earlier this year but it kept its multiplayer magic hidden up its sleeve until the recent Gamescom event in Germany.

Today, Crytek released the following video which showed off two modes and an in-game social-information network called the New York Feed:

The pair of game types the developer demoed in the trailer are Hunter Mode and Crash Site.

In Hunter Mode, two players start as superpowered characters that are permanently cloaked. The two “hunters” must chase down and kill up to 14 troopers, who will join the hunters’ side when they respawn.

Crash Site is a King of the Hill-style mode in which a ship drops a container that players must fight over for points. The container has a pair of shields that players can use for defense or offense if they choose to throw them at their enemies. Players may use the powerful Pinger mech in multiplayer for the first time in this mode.

Crytek also gave a few details about its New York Feed, an in-game social network that provides information about what you and your friends have accomplished in the multiplayer. This information channel allows players to challenge one another and to see a multitude of leaderboards. The feed paints this information across a dynamic map of New York City.