Emailvision brought in $30 million in new funding to deliver targeted marketing emails to your inbox.

The company sells software-as-a-service to businesses looking to increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns. Its enterprise products include tools to manage email, mobile, and social marketing efforts as well as customer intelligence data and analytics to achieve the greatest impact.

Each month, the platform delivers 600,000 personalized marketing campaigns for 3,300 clients around the world. Customers include The Washington Post, Cisco, Club Med, Walmart, Mercedes-Benz, Staples, Ikea, and Rail Europe.

The investment came from Izurium Capital and enabled Emailvision’s recent acquisition of PredictiveIntent, a company that develops behavioral targeting and predictive analytics systems. The partnership is intended to further improve Emailvision’s ability to deliver highly personalized marketing content.

Emailvision is based in New York and has 22 offices around the world.

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