As a child, I did not like to share. I wanted my own copy of everything, whether it be a special cup or particular toy. Today, this attitude of “Mine! Mine! Mine!” extends far beyond the realm of the playground and into the cloud.

Funambol, a company that provides “personal clouds” for mobile providers, has grabbed $5.75 million, and it isn’t sharing.

With the proliferation of devices, storing and syncing content is a priority for businesses and individuals alike. Funambol gives mobile providers a cloud of their very own, so users can store all their info in one place. The company uses the term “white label” cloud solution, to imply that its OneMediaHub is essentially an unbranded version of the same service provided by iCloud, Google Drive, and MS SkyDrive.

The platform is currently seeing use from mobile operators in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia and is reaching millions of users. With this investment from Nexit Ventures, Castile Ventures, and HIG Growth Capital, the company plans to continue its expansion.

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