The Art of Journey

For those of you who still purchase physical music, don’t stop believin’ and hold on to that feel — wait, wrong Journey.

Developer Thatgamecompany just updated its web store. Fans can now preorder the Journey score on CD for $15.98, or they can preorder the album and a T-shirt for $25.98. Composer Austin Wintory produced the music for Thatgamecompany’s beautiful PlayStation Network game. The studio will begin shipping out the preorders in mid-November.

Journey is a multiplayer exploration game released in March. Players guide a hooded figure through the desert and meet up with other players controlling similarly dressed characters. When you interact with another player, this charges special jumping and flying abilities that open up more of the world. The moody visuals, Wintory’s powerful music, and lead developer Jenova Chen’s clever mechanics together tell a story that doesn’t require dialogue or prepackaged video.

The Journey soundtrack is still available on Apple’s iTunes music store and the PlayStation Network.