TweetDeck, the information network’s only semi-unconventional application, updated today with a lighter, brighter color scheme, a number of incremental improvements to help power users make the most of their columns, and one noticeable flaw that prevents people from viewing all of their mentions in the order they received them.

Wednesday, Twitter released the updated version of TweetDeck for web, Chrome, Mac, and Windows. Most noticeable in the release is a lighter theme that now gives users a choice between black and white backgrounds.

The information network also added different font sizes, made scrolling between columns faster and less wonky (thank goodness!), and implemented improvements to user profiles.

Twitter users posted mixed reactions to the changes, with some indicating that the design changes have made the application look a bit odd.

The update, unfortunately, isn’t without functional oddities as well. This TweetDeck user noticed that, upon update, her mentions and interactions from the previous 12 hours were nowhere to be found. A scan of Twitter updates shows that plenty of other users are experiencing the same bug. Some users have reported missing days and weeks of past mentions. Others have found mentions to be out of order.

When pinged for comment, a Twitter spokesperson said the company was looking into the misplaced mentions matter.

Photo credit: Bas Boerman/Flickr