(Update 10:58 AM: a Yahoo spokesperson responded with a brief statement, see below.)

Yahoo’s chief technical officer Ash Munshi has left the company, according to a Business Insider report.

Still-new CEO Marrissa Mayer, who just had a baby boy, may be cleaning house and clearing the decks at Yahoo in preparation for executing her just-unveiled strategy for turning the company around. Mayer has already hired a new chief marketing officer (reportedly while the old CMO was on vacation), and has been courting other talent, including Twitter VP Katie Stanton.

Above: Ash Munshi, former Yahoo CTO

Image Credit: LinkedIn

It’s also possible that Munshi, who is also the founder and CEO of a real estate startup Terabitz, decided that now was a good time to step away from Yahoo and focus on his own ventures. He joined the company only about a year ago, after previously working at Level 5 Networks and MSC Software.

I called Terabitz and spoke to a staff member, who simply said, “I’m not going to discuss that with you.”

A Yahoo spokesperson, however, disputed that Munshi has recently left:

“I can confirm that he was no longer with Yahoo! before Marissa joined.”

That would mean that Munshi has not updated his LinkedIn profile for about three months, which seems at least somewhat unlikely for a well-connected (over 500 LinkedIn connections) professional.

Mayer’s new strategy for Yahoo is big on personalization, mobile, and acquisitions. And, of course, a much more Google-oriented focus on products.

Munshi, obviously, won’t be a part of that.

VentureBeat has reached out to both Yahoo and Munshi for comment and will update this story as we hear back.

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