Hardware hacking is super trendy right now, and Circuits.io is the latest trend-surfer to ride that wave.

The simple web-based tool lets you design and share circuits from inside a web browser. The site has been around for a couple months but has started to pick up steam since the team’s trip to New York for Maker Faire.

Circuits.io was created earlier this year by Karel Bruneel and Benjamin Schrauwen, two academics and tinkerers specializing in electronics design. The general concept behind the site was to make hardware/electronics design as easy as making software.

Ergo, Circuits.io’s goals are threefold: To help you design circuits based on pre-designed electronics modules; to hide the software’s complexity behind simple, easy-to-use interfaces; and to fully embrace the open-source hardware movement.

Here’s a quick video clip:

Circuits.io may launch paid accounts in the future, but for open hardware projects, the service will remain free of charge.

The open hardware movement has picked up quite a bit of steam lately, thanks in no small part to Open Compute, a Facebook-led crusade with tons of industry support from hardware vendors and web titans alike.

Other online hardware-design tools do exists; one of our favorites is Upverter, a one-year-old company that’s focused on collaborative and open hardware design.

Image courtesy of Mark, Vicki, Ellaura and Mason