The above is a sweet video our LGBT pals at Facebook cooked up for National Coming Out Day.

Facebook is one of the most openly supporting tech companies we’ve seen when it comes to queer issues. From taking on bullying head first to helping queer folks more accurately define online their real-world relationships to celebrating the panoply of queerness among its own employees, the social network is as full-on pro-gay as they come.

In fact, Facebook even won a coveted GLAAD award this year for its stance on LGBT issues, specifically for its creation of the Network of Support, a ring of LGBT organizations that consult Facebook on how best to protect and help the queer community within the confines of their social graphs.

“We’re committed to helping people express who they really are,” said COO Sheryl Sandberg in a statement on the company’s goals for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and other queer communities.

“We’re grateful for all you do in the world and honored to be able to build technology which can support your efforts,” she said.

In another statement released around the GLAAD awards news, The Zuck Himself firmly stated his desire for Facebook to be a safe and welcoming space for people of all persuasions to connect.