To post a quote, video, link, chat, text, photo, or audio? That’s not the question on Photoset, an all-new single purpose iOS application from mini-blog company Tumblr.

Thursday, the 5-year-old social network that caters to creatives released the iPhone and iPad application Photoset for making and sharing sets of photos — and nothing more.

Photoset allows the iOS owner to easily snap or add a bunch of photos to a set, alter the layout of the shots, append a caption, and upload and share the high-resolution sets publicly to followers or privately to friends.

“Photos are extremely important to us, and we love the power a set of photos has to tell a story even richer than the sum of its parts,” the company said in a blog post.

You can use standalone, photo-only application with or without a Tumblr blog. The user that wants to immediately share a finished photo collage on their Tumblr site can select that as option in the creation process. Otherwise, you can upload the set to and share the URL via email or Twitter.

Photoset from Tumblr hits at the center of a mobile photo movement dominated by single-purpose apps that help users enhance and share photos with ease. The app seems like an appropriate tangent for Tumblr as it should not only appease the service’s existing users with more instant photo-sharing tools but also help the company reach new audiences.