vp debate

Last night’s vice-presidential debate between sitting Vice President Joe Biden and GOP hopeful Paul Ryan ran on Xbox Live, whose viewers took part in polls as they listened to the debate on the Xbox 360 video game console.

Xbox Live members answered 26 questions in real time about the candidates’ performances and their views on issues. More than 800,000 individual responses came in. The level of engagement was high, with more than 30,000 responses to each of the questions. The results? Looks like 44.1 percent thought that Joe Biden won the debate among Xbox Live swing voters. Only 22.9 percent chose Ryan.

Biden was overwhelmingly viewed by swing voters as being more truthful, garnering 72.2 percent of the favor of undecided respondents. About 70.1 percent of undecided voters said they did not consider a candidate’s religion when deciding whom to vote for. And 53.7 percent of undecided voters felt that Biden is better prepared to step in as president if needed, compared to 21 percent for Ryan. More data is available on spokeperson’s Major Nelson’s Xbox Live community site.

Microsoft plans to continue with election-related material — particularly from partners BBC and Comedy Central — in the coming week. Clips from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will also appear.