Google has a rich history of highlighting notable figures of all stripes on its homepage with “Google doodles.” Today’s amazing doodle pays tribute to influential cartoonist Winsor McCay, a pioneer of animation in the early 1900s.

McCay found fame in the early 1900s with his comic strip Little Nemo. The strip following Nemo is brought to life in Monday’s interactive Google doodle (pictured), which commemorates the 107th anniversary of the strip.

In the comic strip, Nemo would fall out of bed and into a fantastical world with a King, a Princess, and surreal, scary characters. In Google’s rendering, Nemo goes through a similar type of story as the user clicks a tab several times. It’s a lovely piece of animation, perhaps one McCay would enjoy.

Check out the 1911 short “Little Nemo” below to see some of McCay’s impressive animation skills in action.

Google doodle via Google