The wheels on startup Message Bus keep on turning, as it drives into $11 million in growth funding.

This company is building the Message Bus Global Delivery Network, which delivers communications across multiple channels without having to deploy multiple servers. Its service powers email and mobile messaging through a cloud-native app, which allows for flexibility and scaleability as well as cost-reduction and a deeper connection with customers.

“Message Bus is replacing the old school approach, where senders simply hope a message was received, with a data driven approach where we actively manage the relationship between senders and recipients,” said founder and CEO Jeremy LaTrasse. “With email, your reputation is only as good as the last message you have sent, and in the highly competitive and often abusive/adversarial relationship between senders and recipients, it is very easy to make mistakes where you are suddenly viewed as a bad sender. And surprisingly, the data is there — if you as a sender choose to collect and act upon it.”

LaTrasse was part of the founding team of Twitter, serving as director of operations. He said his team is applying the lessons he learned scaling a cloud based platform to make delivering multi-channel communication more simple and effective for businesses.

“If you add up all the other message types such as SMS, APN, and social, the annual volume of those message types combined does not come close to the total volume of legitimate email sent today,” he wrote in a blog post. “Real business happens on email and it’s a multibillion dollar market. But it’s a market where there hasn’t been serious innovation for some time.”

There are a few competitors in the space, such as SendGrid and legacy vendors like MessageSystems, and Message Bus is still in beta. This round brings its total funding to $14 million, following a $3 million raise in March 2011 from True Ventures. North Bridge Venture Partners led the investment, with participation from True Ventures, Ignition Partners, and angel investors.

The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Marin. Read the press release.