In the movies, corporate barons and evil geniuses have command and control centers with giant screens displaying the disposition of their empires. A new product from HootSuite may not make you James Bond or Dr. Evil … but it will give you the ability to see and showcase your social media status in a very big way.

HootSuite Command Center allows you to listen and monitor social mentions, publish and engage with fans and consumers, and analyze and measure the results. In addition, it’ll allow you to easily display a simple dashboard in key areas of your company.

Or on mobile devices from from iPhone to Android.

The goal, according to HootSuite chief executive Ryan Holmes, is to give companies “a hub where every social interaction can be seen, studied and spread.”

Above: HootSuite Command Center

For example, a marketing team could monitor the virality of their every campaign in realtime. Public relations executives could see trending sentiment to recent announcements, and social media teams can see and react to trending topics as they surface. And companies can ensure internal audiences are up-to-speed with and engaged in external social media initiatives.

All of which is possible today, of course, with a variety of tools.

But Command Center’s goal is to integrate crisis management, campaign execution, executive reporting, and market research, and other capabilities into one single engine. And it continues HootSuite’s recently more-aggressive push into the enterprise, which includes internal corporate social networking with HootSuite Conversations, introduced just six weeks ago.

That’s a reality echoed by Holmes, who said that “HootSuite continues to develop and acquire tools to support the growing needs of today’s social businesses.”

No evil laugh or dictator suite required.

photo credit: SkinheadSportBiker1 via photopin cc