K'nex pinball

I’ve always wanted my own pinball machine. It never occurred to me that I should build one.

That’s exactly what YouTube user Pianoman667 did. His building material? K’nex. Yup, those colorful construction toys consisting of plastic rods, connectors, pulleys, wheels, and more.

“The only non-K’nex parts are rubber bands used in the launcher and flippers,” Pianoman677 stated in the description for a YouTube video showing off his creation. “Unfortunately, no piece count is available, but I’d estimate it around 17,000. There are over 4,000 blue rods alone!”

Of course, this creation is almost as much roller coaster as it is pinball. More¬†important, it looks like a lot of fun. You can find more pictures of the “table” at Pianoman667’s Instructables page,¬†but to get the full effect of this machine’s awesomeness, watch the video below.