Aubry Anderson

Apple has purchased young development firm Particle, a company that is known for building lightweight web and marketing apps using HTML5, according to a Cnet report published today.

Particle, which focuses on HTML5 and Webkit technology, has a wide range of clients, including Google, Motorola Mobility, Amazon, and even Apple itself. The company has had some notable projects in the past such as short video service and video interview service

The acquisition is believed to have gone through last month with the purpose of bringing some of Particle’s 12-employee team into Apple. The Particle team could be focused on strengthening Apple’s HTML5-based iCloud and iAds products, according to Cnet’s report. Alternately, the team could end up working on ways to bring some of Apple’s media editing services to the web (iMovies, Garageband, etc.).

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Founded in 2008, the San Francisco, Calif.-based company has previously received funding from celebrity investor Justin Timberlake. And while Apple doesn’t typically comment on its acquisition, we’re reaching out to the company for confirmation.

Particle CTO Aubry Anderson photo via Particle