Claritics and Badgeville are working together to “gamify” the enterprise. This means enabling enterprise companies better engage their employees and users in company applications by making these more game-like.

Badgeville provides a platform for gamification that it says can help modify behavior. Over two years, more than 300 customers have adopted the platform.

Claritics, meanwhile, provides analytics to customers of Badgeville’s platform. The real-time analytics deliver information about the rewards that Badgeville offers to users and the impact that has on their behavior. Badgeville can then use those analytics to optimize a campaign for that user and others who are similar. And Badgeville’s customers can use the analytics to get better results from users in fields including retail, publishing, entertainment, health care, education, community, and other verticals. Claritics can help a company discern the lifetime value of a user and how that user brings others into an application.

“Badgeville has built an incredibly impressive platform for using gamification strategies to help companies reward any type of user behavior that promotes further brand awareness and intimacy,” said Raj Pai, the cofounder and CEO of Claritics. “Our goal is to help those companies get even more value from their gamification efforts by delivering actionable insights that help drive deeper engagement and more lifetime value from each user.”

“Claritics’ user intelligence analytics platform provides very flexible and powerful capabilities to address the needs for marketers to understand how to improve and promote deeper engagement with their customers” said Kris Duggan, Badgeville’s CEO. “This enables our customers to measure and improve the effectiveness of their gamification strategies in addition to identifying user groups who display highly differentiated behavior for future retargeting campaigns.”

Badgeville says that its customers typically experience 200 percent to 500 percent increase in metrics such has user-generated content, page views, retention, time spent on a site, and social referrals.