UPDATE: All codes have been given out. Please check your Twitter direct messages to see if you won! There are some miscellaneous leftover codes so make sure you’re following GamesBeat on Twitter and Facebook for your chance to snag those later this week.

If you’ve been wanting to dress up Kasumi and Ayane in bunny outfits or devil and angel costumes but prefer not to partake in preorder bonus shenanigans, GamesBeat has you covered. Our friends at Team Ninja have provided a ton of codes for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for us to giveaway.

Entering is simple:

  1. Leave a comment talking about your favorite Dead or Alive 5 character and/or strategy. Make it good!
  2. Don’t forget to include your Twitter handle and preferred console.
  3. Make sure you’re following @GamesBeat on Twitter so we can direct message your code to you!

Winners will be chosen randomly on Monday, October 22 and sent a set of downloadable content costumes including the Collectors Edition Swimsuits, Bunny, Angel, and Devil preorder exclusive outfits.

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To help kick off the comments, members of the development team have provided some picks and tips of their own:

Peter Garza, overseas producer
Favorite character: Brad Wong

[Brad] has a lot of different stances and crazy moves. He’s hard to use, so if you can beat someone with him, it shows that you’re just that much better. It’s a great feeling.

Using Brad effectively to me is mainly about two things: technical flow and human mind games. Technical flow just comes from learning how he goes from one stance into another and then what he can do in each stance. This just takes practice with his move set in Training Mode. Figure out his flow. Then it’s about tricking your human opponents with his odd moves. That only comes from fighting other people, so jump online or fight with other friends locally.

Yosuke Hayashi, producer
Favorite character: Kasumi

Her fighting style and controls are easy to master, and I recall winning a tournament using her in the past. Figure out the best moves that suit your style and plan ahead as you confront your opponents. Gradually, you can begin to tell by instinct when the right timings are to perform your moves during the fight.

We have a saying in Japanese, which reads: “What one likes, one will do well.” So find your own favorite character and fighting style, then just keep on playing. The more you play, the better you’ll get.

Above: Nothing suggestive about this….

Image Credit: Team Ninja

Yohei Shimbori, game director
Favorite character: La Mariposa

Her unique fighting style and moves require good planning to win, which also reflects the different personalities of the players who choose her.

Strategy books are handy for gaining technical knowledge, but to start with, try to enjoy the moment by selecting your favorite character within a favorite mode. From there, you can build on your curiosity to challenge the different modes and battles with other players.