SAN FRANCISCO — Today at TwilioCon, the telephony startup announced it’s now offering its developer-centric services on six continents and in 20 countries.

“In 2012, we set out to make Twilio a single API with global reach,” said Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson in a statement on the news.

“Now that we are on six continents, developers and their companies can reach their customers around the globe.” Twilio’s newest territory includes Australia, Brazil, Japan, and South Africa, among other areas.

Twilio’s expansion means big things for developers working internationally. Historially, geopolitically bounded mobile carriers have made it difficult for certain types of apps to flourish without lots of behind-the-scenes infrastructure and business machinations.

As HipDial founder Jonas Huckestein noted in a statement, “It’s nice to know that geographical expansion is ready when we are. We can write the code once, and then expanding in additional countries is trivial–we don’t have to deal with new carriers or rewrite any code.”

Twilio announced in July that it would support outbound SMS to more than 200 countries, including broad multilingual support.

Another big announcement from TwilioCon today is three new API features for monitoring and capping usage and app testing.

Top image courtesy of sparkstudio, Shutterstock