More than 100,000 members of Microsoft’s Xbox Live online community tuned into the presidential debate via their Xbox 360 game consoles. And based on 2 million real-time responses to 70 polling questions, President Barack Obama won the second debate.

Based on a poll of undecided/swing voters among Xbox Live users, about 51 percent of undecideds said Obama was the winner, while 17 percent said GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney won. Thirty-two percent were unsure. Among those who leaned toward Romney prior to the debate, 19 percent thought Obama won.

About 28 percent of the undecided watchers leaned toward Obama after the debate, and 10 percent leaned toward Romney after the debate. About 52 percent of undecided voters declared Obama the most truthful, and 17 percent said Romney was the most truthful. Of those who leaned toward Romney prior to the debate, 22 percent thought he was most truthful. About 56 percent said Obama was specific enough with his plans, while 17 percent thought Romney was specific enough.

Microsoft said the level of participation made the event one of the largest single-screen interactive TV experiences in history.

Who won? Take our own poll below.

[Photo credit: USA Today]