CD Projekt Red held a special event today in which it announced its plans to support Apple’s Mac OS X operating system.

The company’s Good Old Games digital-download service now offers 50 different games for download on Mac computers. You receive eight games for free just for signing up, including Beneath a Steel Sky, Ultima 4, and Tyrian 2000. is also having a special promo for both PC and Mac users that will cut the price for six big games in half. The promotion includes SimCity 2000, Little Big Adventure, Crusader: No Remorse, Postal: Classic and Uncut, Theme Hospital, and The Witcher Enhanced Edition.

If you have both a Mac and a PC and don’t want to buy a game just for your Apple hardware, GOG has thought of that. All Mac games on the service contain both a PC and Mac version at no extra cost.

The GOG team produced a faux-commercial to celebrate the announcement: