You can put Michael Jordan on a box of Wheaties, but nerds are more likely to buy your product if you go with Captain Malcolm Reynolds.

Developer Red 5 Studios is at least giving that a shot with its week-long Firefall Fest. Firefall is the company’s massively multiplayer online team-based third-person shooter for the PC. To promote the game, Firefall Fest will livestream the developer sitting down with Internet celebrities as they run them through the game.

The event begins Monday on Red 5’s channel¬†and runs through Oct. 27.

The full guest list:

  • Monday: Athene & Reese; Wil Wheaton & Felicia Day
  • Tuesday: Team Unicorn; Mega 64
  • Wednesday: Day9; Household Hacker
  • Thursday: Team Complexity; Mr. Sark & Seananners
  • Friday: Live on Three; Extra Credits
  • Saturday: Nathan Fillion & Allison Haislip

In addition to the pretty and funny famous people, Red 5 is working with Razer and AMD Gaming Evolved to give away prizes. Fans can win an AMD-powered gaming desktop, a Razer Blade gaming laptop, a Razer Taipan expert ambidextrous gaming mouse, a Razer Goliathus mousepad, or a Razer BlackWidow Tournament Edition gaming keyboard.

Throughout Firefall Fest, players gain immediate access to the game’s beta test if they purchase a special version of the game here. Who knows — maybe you’ll get to meet Wil Wheaton’s digital avatar!