And the victor in the video game battle for “Gangnam Style” is Ubisoft.

The French video game publisher announced today that it’s dancing game Just Dance 4 will offer the Korean rapper Psy’s “Gangnam Style” song as downloadable content. That means players looking to horsey dance will have to choose this game over rival Dance Central.

“We’re dedicated to bringing Just Dance fans access to the music and musicians they love,” said Ubisoft associate director of marketing Carrie Feigel. “Our fans were really vocal about wanting ‘Gangnam Style’ in Just Dance 4 and we listened. This marks the first of many hot upcoming DLC tracks for Just Dance 4.”

Ubisoft will release the song as DLC on all motion-control platforms sometime in November.

“’Gangnam Style’ and Just Dance 4, I can’t wait to see all the YouTube videos,” rapper Psy said.

“Gangnam Style” is one of the first Korean pop songs to find worldwide success. YouTube users have watched the official music video nearly 500 million times. It’s so popular that it’s become a meme, spawning many spoofs (including our favorite, Klingon Style.)