Angry Driver

The majority of mobile music player apps weren’t built with the touch screen in mind. In:play was.

In:play is an iOS app that uses gesture-based controls to navigate through your music library. In theory, this should  make it easier for you to find the perfect song while jogging, driving, or doing anything that requires most of your undivided attention.

Playing a song on the app pulls up three sets of large text: The artist’s name, followed by the album or playlist title and the name of the song. Pressing any one of these elements will allow you to sort through your music by flicking your fingers horizontally. For example, if I only wanted to hear certain songs by Wilco, I could tap the name of the artist (making it light up as blue) and flick my fingers until I’m satisfied. You can also scroll through an alphabetical list if you need a more precise search tool.

“The app rarely requires pushing a button (and) acts on swipes and touch,” In:play’s developers told me, adding that no one has quite figured out a truly intuitive interface for touch screen music players.

While I don’t doubt that In:play’s interface offers a smoother experience than Apple’s native player, it’s unfortunately a bit bland. It doesn’t use album artwork, and the text for each track isn’t easily distinguishable (everything is the same font, and the size of the text is based on the length of the song/artist/album name). For people who intimately know their music collection, this shouldn’t be an issue. For someone like me, who rarely pays attention to album or song titles anymore, it could serve as a giant pain in the ass.

The app costs $1.99 and will be available in Apple’s App Store in the next few days. [Update: now available in the App Store.] In:play faces competition from Apple’s native iOS music player, EZ MP3 Player, Groove 2, Panamp, and other music player apps. The team plans to release an Android version at some point in the future.

Founded is January 2012, the Middletown, Calif.-based firm’s four employees are part of BigBlueCouch, the app development arm of Bespin Holdings. The development team has raised a total of $420,000 in funding to date from Geoff Malais, Lance Goldsmith, and former Motorola sales and marketing executive Robert Goldsmith.

Check out the demo video below for a better look at the app in action.

Angry driver photo via Vladimir Mucibabic/Shutterstock