Borderlands Legends for iPhone and iPad

The original Borderlands is going portable on Apple’s iOS devices by the end of this month.

That’s according to an advertisement in the back of the Borderlands 2 digital strategy guide. Developer Gearbox is porting the original Borderlands first-person-shooter role-playing game to iPhone and iPad. The studio designed the Legends variation specifically for touchscreen devices.

Players will reprise their role as one of the original Borderlands’ four characters: Mordecai, Lilith, Brick, or Roland. The game will vary from the classic Borderlands by providing randomized missions and a “strategic cover system.” Borderlands Legends will still feature the franchise’s signature “zillions” of weapons and character-specific skill trees.

The ad, which a Gearbox forum user found, reveals that the game is “coming in October,” but publisher 2K Games site has no information about the title.

GamesBeat contacted Gearbox about Borderlands Legends, and we’ll update when it responds.