Wii U Gameplay

Nintendo is less than a month away from releasing its latest console. That means it’s time to start advertising.

The publisher has unleashed its first commercial in the U.K. that explains the basic features of the Wii U before its November 30 release date in that country. Nintendo sold more than 90 million Wiis around the world and is hoping to recreate that success with this brand new hardware. Despite the rise of mobile and social games, traditional console gaming is still where the big money is at for publishers. Nintendo is hoping to a get a jump on the competition by releasing the Wii U at least a year before Sony and Microsoft can release their new consoles.

While the ad attempts to explain the Wii U, you can learn everything about the system from our in-depth look at what the Wii U is here.

Check out the first TV spot:

The minute-long advert runs through the controller’s touchscreen tablet controller, its ability to stream to the GamePad, and its augmented-reality features. It also demonstrates the difficult messaging job ahead of Nintendo. With the Wii, it could just say, “Hey, you can waggle!” The Wii U doesn’t have one stand-out aspect like that.

Nintendo will release the Wii U in North America on November 18.