We reported earlier this week about an ad that revealed Borderlands Legends for iPhone and iPad. It turns out that the game isn’t a port of the original. It’s a strategy game with action-role-playing elements.

Publisher 2K Games will release the title on October 31 on iPhone and iPad for $4.99 and $6.99, respectively.

The game follows the original four characters from Borderlands, but instead of shooting in first-person, they’re strategically shooting from an isometric perspective. That is much friendlier to touchscreen controls.¬†Borderlands Legends has randomized missions, difficulty scaling, and unlimited character leveling.

Here’s a look at the game in action:

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The game is out in a week, so we should have more info soon, but as of right now, it’s looking kind of like a Jagged Alliance game on Pandora. Yes, please.