The cute green creature from the popular Cut the Rope mobile games is the star of a weekly animated series.

Om Nom, the needy, candy-loving monster in developer ZeptoLab’s breakout hit, has already reached 8 million views in a video called Om Nom Stories. That short film explores what Om Nom does when you aren’t watching. Its success inspired ZeptoLab to expand Om Nom Stories into a full animated web series that begins streaming tomorrow on YouTube.

The developer is updating the iOS Cut the Rope and Cut the Rope: Experiments apps to add an episode-streaming feature so players can watch the episodes directly through the games. ZeptoLab is bringing the same update to the Android versions of those games Friday.

Cut the Rope isn’t the first mobile game to capitalize on the appeal of its main character in other forms of media. Disney created a series based on Swampy, the cartoon star of its Where’s My Water? mobile game, that streams online and airs on The Disney Channel.

Throughout this month, over 19,000 movie theaters have shown the original Om Nom Stories. ZeptoLab partnered with National CineMedia to play the short film in that firm’s FirstLook block of entertainment and advertising. The developer also announced plans to create a live-action game show in partnership with Sony Pictures Television, the same production company that produces Jeopardy.