Nerds are taking over the world! Or at least its economy. But who are these software engineers creating the platforms, tools, and services fundamentally changing the way business is done? According to the info graphic below, they are an army 17 million strong. And their numbers are growing. They may not be cool, but they are the force pushing the global economy forward.

The software industry is booming, with billions of dollars circulating in annual investment, acquisitions, deals, and IPOs, not to mention sky-high valuations. Businesses across all industries and around the world are run on software, and as venture capitalist Marc Andreessen put it “software is eating the world.” So who are the people behind this seismic shift? These new titans of industry? Why, the nerds, of course! Specifically, nerds that code.

“This isn’t the first time software and technology has been at the forefront of the economy,” said Patrick Moran, a VP at New Relic. “But it’s the first time developers are front and center.  Not CIOs. Not IT solution sellers. Developers. Redmonk has been talking about how developers are the new kingmakers and wielding unprecedented power thanks to the cloud, open source, and other macro trends.”

Moran wrote a blog post titled “Is this the ‘Nerd Economy’?” In true nerd form, the audience demanded data to back this up, and so New Relic created this info graphic. Check it out, and then buy your ticket to Devlandia, a land where Red Bull flows like water and everybody wears cotton T-shirts.