Critics of Resident Evil 6 point out numerous problems with the game, but developer Capcom is addressing at least one of these gripes in an update to the game due in December.

The patch draws out the placement of the in-game camera to give you a wider field of view. This new setting is optional, and those who like the original up-on-the-butt perspective can still play that way.

Resident Evil 6 is a third-person zombie-killing action game with three intertwining story campaigns. It’s available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $59.99. Be sure to check out our review.

Here is a gallery that compares the two camera settings:

[vb_gallery id=562962]

Other improvements in the update include English-language subtitles even when the spoken language is something other than English. You know, in case you were planning to use Resident Evil 6 to help practice your French.

The patch also unlocks the alternative Ada Wong character campaign from the start. Previously, you had to finish all of the three standard campaigns to unlock this content. Capcom also added a playable co-op partner to Ada’s story.

Finally, the patch includes a new No Hope difficulty mode that’s even more difficult than the Resident Evil 6’s current most difficult setting.