lookout mobile

T-Mobile says it will start shipping Android phones preloaded with an app-scanning program run by Lookout Mobile. The app is called Automatic App Security, and it marks a big partnership for the mobile security company.

Automatic App Security will come preloaded on the LG Optimus L9 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and should roll out to most T-Mobile Android phones in 2013. The app scans any applications the T-Mobile user downloads for any security risks. Lookout has a database of thousands of dangerous applications and flags anything suspicious.

If an app is suspicious, the user gets an alert and can decide how to handle the situation based on advice the Lookout app provides.

This reminds me of a computer that comes pre-loaded with anti-virus software.

Android needs extra protection right out of the box because owners can download apps from a number of different app stores, some of which are unregulated or do  little to stop people from offering bogus and sometimes dangerous apps. In fact, a fake Lookout Mobile app made the rounds recently.

Users don’t have to wait for T-Mobile to start preloading the app — it’s available for download now. Earlier this month Lookout released the latest update to its Android application, taking advantage of Google’s latest operating system design. It’s a fairly sleek look and offers protections against dangerous apps and websites; it also recently added a safeguard against click-to-call attacks.