Windows 8 experience head Julie Larson-Green spoke onstage with other Microsoft heavyweights today to launch the company’s Windows 8 operating system, which will be available tomorrow.

After the event finished, we pulled Larson-Green aside to get her thoughts on Windows 8. As expected, she said she’s looking forward to the release tomorrow and said it was fun to work on.

Without prompting, Larson-Green also did mention that the new OS had attracted some “controversy,” likely a reference to some people being turned off by the new interface and the removal of the Start button in favor of Start screen. Still, she and her team are excited about finally making the three-years-in-the-making Windows 8 available.

“It’s your baby, so you’re nervous about it. But we’re very excited and feel really good about it,” Larson-Green said. “There’s been some little bits of controversy, but all art or all things that are big and new have controversy. I like seeing that.”

Check out the following video (sorry for the dim lighting!) for more with Larson-Green.