The original retina MacBook Pro, the 15″ model, earned a miserly 1/10 in iFixit’s repairability score. Now the teardown specialists have ruthlessly ripped apart Apple’s innocent new 13″ retina MacBook Pro, and the results are in.


It’s not much of an improvement, but it does double the score for Apple’s pro lineup of notebooks. The biggest change? A battery that can be squeegeed out of its cocoon in just 15 minutes. In comparison, the 15″ MacBook Pro’s battery took 30 minutes on the third try — and the first two attempts resulted in punctured batteries.

Above: Retina 13″ Macbook Pro – on the inside

Image Credit: iFixit

Not cool, and not extremely safe.

Highlights of MacFixit’s teardown include an odd circuit board between the laptop’s battery control board and its logic board. MacFixit is befuddled — and so are we — but possibilities include yet another piece of Apple tech to eek out even more battery life. The new retina machine is rated at 7 hours, similar to Apple’s much weaker MacBook Air models.

The teardown revealed no fewer than 11 chips on the logic board, including three from Intel, two from Hynix, and oddly, a small two megabit serial Flash chip on the trackpad logic board.

The biggest change iFixit found inside the new laptop? The way Apple rearranged the battery cells, fitting the MacBook Pro’s flash drive underneath the trackpad assembly:

Above: Removing the battery

Image Credit: iFixit

Image credits: iFixit