For those of you about to raise money for Child’s Play, we salute you.

Ümloud!, the annual San Francisco-area Rock Band charity event, announced that Brütal Legend and Psychonauts designer Tim Schafer will act as the master of ceremonies for the one-night event. Ümloud! raises money while putting on a concert. This year’s fundraiser is set for Dec. 6 in the Bay Area’s DNA Lounge. Tickets are available now.

“Everyone knows that gamers have big hearts — and that’s not just because of the sedentary lives many of us live,” Schafer said. “It’s because we understand the value of community, of giving back, and Ümloud! is the perfect way to have a rock’ evening while supporting Child’s Play’s noble efforts in taking care of the next generation of gamers.”

Ümloud! raises money by pitting Rock Band-playing “bands” against one another to raise the most cash. Whoever collects the most funds to help charity headlines the concert. As of today, three band spots were left, and groups can reserve a spot for $200.

Child’s Play is the charitable wing of Penny Arcade that raises money to provide toys, games, and entertainment to hospital-bound children.