Are you a content expert who is obsessed with the amazing changes happening in mobile technology?

From the new iPad mini to Microsoft’s Win 8 promise of a single-kernel platform across all devices, there’s a mobile design and development revolution in full force. Not to mention the complete destruction of the old way of advertising, as eyeballs move to tablet and phones, and the half-trillion dollar advertising industry seeks to adjust.

If you’re obsessed with these mobile trends, and eager to network with the executives, investors, and policymakers shaping the future of the mobile industry, VentureBeat wants to hire you!

We’re looking for a mobile content expert to join our team. From the Mobile Summit to MobileBeat and more, VentureBeat is known for our industry-leading technology events. As mobile expert, you will be the master curator for our mobile conferences. You will lead our events content team and will be responsible for developing the agenda, recruiting speakers, and working closely with the rest of the VB event logistics, marketing, and business team.

Editorial skills are a plus: Ideally, you’ll coordinate closely with VentureBeat’s editorial team to help showcase our events on the site, by writing up case studies and soliciting op-ed stories.

Our Mobile Summit will be held at Cavallo Point on April 1-2 and MobileBeat is slated for July 9-10 at the Palace Hotel.  We also produce other more intimate mobile events throughout the year. Please contact Elyssa Thorp, Director of Events, for further information.

VentureBeat’s mission is to cover amazing technology and why it matters in our lives. From the most innovative companies and the incredible people behind them to the money fueling it all, VentureBeat is devoted to exhaustive coverage of the technology revolution. Our executive events are a part of that mission to define innovation.

We provide a fun, energetic startup environment in downtown San Francisco, along with panoramic views from the 32nd floor of our 50 California Street offices in San Francisco.