If you’re a Borderlands 2 player, you’ve likely encountered the Golden Chest in Sanctuary. The Golden Chest contains the rarest of items, scaled to your level, but requires a Golden Key to open. And Golden Keys are hard to come by, as they’re only given out by members of developer Gearbox Software on Twitter.

To make Golden Key acquisitions a little easier this weekend, Gearbox has laid out its schedule for the next five sets of codes.

Gearbox provides a code for all three platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC), which you must enter on your SHiFT profile in-game. You also get an extra Golden Key for signing up for a SHiFT account through the Borderlands 2 main menu.

Codes are valid for three hours and can be redeemed once per account. Now that all those infinite Golden Key exploits have been patched, this is your best bet to pumping that chest for all of its goodies!