Have you just upgraded to Windows 8 and can’t find that elusive “G spot”? Google’s got some help for you at getyourgoogleback.com.

Windows 8 upgraders may find that Microsoft has gone to some lengths to make Bing and Internet Explorer the default, obvious, and standard web search and browsing apps. (Shocking, I know.) Now, to the tune of “Oh, baby, give me one more chance,” Google is helping you make it “a little more familiar.”

In other words, a little more Google.

In two minutes, Google guides you through downloading and installing its new Google search app for Windows 8 — which includes voice search — and its Chrome browser. Then, the video says, “Your Google is back.”

The version of Chrome has been tweaked for Windows 8, Google says, with “some customizations to optimize for touchscreens, including larger buttons and the cpability to keep Chrome open next to your other favorite apps.”

Cheekily, Google suggests that the search app go right under the Start menu, where it is most visible and obvious.

The Bing search app has been criticized for being attractive but annoying. Specifically, it opens search results in a new Internet Explorer window, which then renders the browser’s back button useless, as the search results are back in the Bing app.

Image credit: Google