Extra Hearts: Samus Aran

The Internet makes our lives easier in many ways. I mean, who doesn’t love ordering a pizza without the need for any annoying human contact? But right after the incredible ease of ordering pies, you have to love the advancements that the web has brought to the realm of dating.

Yes, Internet dating has come a long way from the tabooed practice of basement dwellers afraid to venture outside in search of mates. But what about our favorite video game characters? Don’t they deserve to find love with the same technology afforded to us real folks?

That’s why we created Extra Hearts, a fake dating site for fictional gaming characters. This profile belongs to Samus Aran, the famous bounty hunter from the Metroid series. Let’s see if she’s able to capture a little love.

Extra Hearts: Samus Aran's profile

Likes: Independence, exploring, xenocide.

Dislikes: Authority figures, evil clones, disembodied brains.

On a lazy Sunday: I’m usually curled up into a little ball.

Ideal first date: I’d like to visit an exotic planet, maybe have a picnic, explore some of the ruins and caves, and then run back to my ship as an ominous timer counts down to the world’s destruction.

Personality: Don’t let my cold, armored exterior fool you. I’m still a real person with real feelings. I put my skin-tight pants on one leg at a time.

You should message me if: I like a guy who’s fast. The quicker you are, the more you’ll see ;)


Samus comments: Ridley

Samus comments: Mother Brain

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