It’s been 10 years since you sat in your friend’s basement playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, even though your mom told you that you’re not supposed to.

To celebrate this anniversary, developer Rockstar is republishing the classic open-world crime games for iOS and Android mobile devices Monday.

“Grand Theft Auto: Vice City gave players the freedom of a massive open world in one of the most iconic and vibrant settings ever realized in a game,” Rockstar Games founder Sam Houser said. β€œIt was a defining moment in the series and we’re delighted to be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with a stunning, updated version for phones and tablets.”

While Rockstar set Grand Theft Auto III in a faux-New York called Liberty City, Vice City is clearly an homage to 1980s Miami. It features tons of music from that time, which hopefully is still intact for this smartphone version.

Grand Theft Auto III is available now on iOS and Android, and it plays surprisingly well on touchscreen devices.