The twitterati appear to like Windows 8, whatever the tech blogosphere is saying.

Social Mention says positive Windows 8 tweets outweigh negatives by 6-to-1. The vowel-challenged — and antiquated — Twitrratr finds a 77-to-two ratio in favor of positive tweets. And the more up-to-date Sentiment140 is finding a something similar: 73 percent positive to 27 percent negative.

Some people are channelling Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear:

Others feel more like they’re playing a game, and not a good one:

Bill Mc7 is apparently a comedian:

And he’s not alone:

But others are firmly on board with where Microsoft is taking the world’s most popular operating system, such as Ankit Aggarwal: “I’ve been saying Win8 is awesome for months. People who can’t embrace change should not have a say in technology.”

The new user interface is not intuitive for everyone — Kye Russell, for example, is not impressed with how long it is taking him to get used to Microsoft’s new world:

To which others have replied with their newfound geek credentials:

And others have noted that the old standbye, Windows XP, turns 11 today — and that it really is time for a new operating system:

The question is: Have you upgraded?

photo credit: gynti_46 via photopin cc