roku search

For those of you who take advantage of the Internet when watching TV, Roku’s new universal search feature could be your most useful tool the next time you sit down to watch a video.

The new feature searches over 130,000 movies and TV episodes across tons of popular Roku apps. You can also search by actors or directors, which should make movie marathons on lazy weekend days much easier. The apps in the universal search include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle, Vudu, and HBO Go, with more on the way.

So basically, when you search for a title and/or person through the new universal search, Roku shows you a list of choices. Selecting a title brings up a list of applications you can watch it in as well as how much it costs (if anything). Roku’s interface makes the typing pretty painful via remote control, but anyone who has an iOS or Android device can use a full keyboard.

Obviously, having one place you can sift through all video networks is appealing. This is something Google TV was built for — and something that Verizon’s Viewdini wants to perfect.

Roku is rolling the new feature out to Roku device owner over the next week. Check out the demo video below for a closer look at the universal search.