New social fashion network BeauCoo launched today, providing a mobile platform for women to connect, share, and discover fashion with other women of similar bodies sizes, shapes, and styles.

It may be shocking to some men — or at least advertising art directors — but not all women have the stereotypical Barbie dimensions. Or the Twiggy lack thereof.

That’s what BeauCoo, a play on the French word beaucoup, meaning lots — was created to solve. Co-founder Victoria MacLean puts it this way: “Why should a woman take style advice from someone who looks nothing like her?”

A quick google for images that match “fashion stylist” suffices to make her point:

Above: Fashion stylists, according to Google image search, are not average women

Image Credit: Google

So Beaucoo aims to connect women who look alike, allow them to share fashion tips, ideas, and finds with each other, and discover cool new looks. Along the way, they can earn rewards from fashion retailers: targeted promos and discounts based on what they’re sharing and viewing.

The social network lives mainly in Beaucoo’s mobile apps. iOS is available at launch, Android and web apps are coming in November.

The Beaucoo team of four founders are all successful entrepreneurs, having sold their previous company Decoder. They’ve raised $1.1 million in funding from Zinc Ventures.

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