Paul Ceglia, a recently arrested New York businessman suing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for half his company, just lost his attorney after an investigation found Celgia falsified evidence.

Dean Boland of Boland Legal, Ceglia’s lawyer, officially filed a “motion for withdrawal from representation” today, specifically stating that it has nothing to do with the fraudulent evidence found. Instead he cited personal reasons which will be provided to Ceglia after Boland find out which detention center he is being held in.

Facebook declined to comment on this story.

“The reasons underlying this request, provided to the court for its review, have nothing to do with any belief by the undersigned that Plaintiff is engaged in now or has been engaged in during the past, fraud regarding this case,” he said in the request.

Ceglia’s “evidence” against Zuckerberg was recently put under the microscope by investigators and found to be forged. A series of emails Ceglia claimed to have had with Zuckerberg, as well as a contract in which Zuckerberg promises Ceglia half of Facebook were found to be forged. A look at Harvard’s email servers — the university where Zuckerberg first created Facebook — turned up no such emails between the two. Furthermore, investigators searched Ceglia’s computer and found the original contract, which made no mention of the fifty percent agreement. Instead, it was a contract for work Zuckerberg did for Ceglia’s company “StreetFax.”

He was arrested for the fraud last week.

Courtroom image via Shutterstock