Dead Island Riptide

Deep Silver has announced the release date (and unveiled the box art) for Dead Island: Riptide, its follow-up to 2011’s most popular island resort-based zombie survival game. You might remember Dead Island as that game with the really cool trailer where a dead little girl got thrown out a window.

Riptide should be in stores April 23, and those who preorder early enough will be automatically upgraded to the game’s Special Edition, which includes various bonuses to help you in your never-ending fight against undead vacationers. You get exclusive weapon modifications, a digital strategy map, and a unique character skin, which the press release says “looks good.” That’s always a plus. Also, if you preorder┬áparticularly early enough, you’ll receive a Steelbook case as well.

Deep Silver says the Special Edition will have different boxart than the normal one, but that’s all it’s saying so far. While you wait, you can see what Riptide will look like for those who would rather not have fancy extras in the Standard Edition boxart below.