Raptr looks to better serve PC gamers with its revamped desktop app released this morning.

The gaming social network, which has over 15 million members, added features and reduced the footprint of the data-tracking and gaming-community application. Users can download the new Raptr here.

“We are completely obsessed with serving players a richer game and community experience,” Raptr chief executive officer Dennis Fong said. “Through our new Raptr Desktop App, we are delivering a seamless in-game experience to players with the power to play games and simultaneously tap into their favorite web services and destinations, community discussions and content. Gamers can say goodbye to alt-tabbing.”

The software features many new tools and capabilities:

  • Screen-capture tool for sharing screenshots quickly across Raptr, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Robust Twitter and Facebook functionality while in a game
  • Community channels for every game
  • Cross-platform instant messaging
  • Tracking tool that allows gamers to see what others are playing and to join them instantly
  • Gaming news tool updated with stories from top gaming sites
  • Quick access to relevant gaming videos on YouTube
  • In-game access to Gmail
  • A World of Warcraft Talent Calculator tool
  • Updated weather application
  • Full, streamlined web browser

Players can quickly access these functions without exiting their game. The Raptr sidebar tool pins to the side of the screen, and an auto-hide option allows players to only see it when they need it. For PC gamers who do a lot of alt-tabbing (the keyboard shortcut that quickly scrolls between open windows,) this new Raptr could reduce the strain on your system by efficiently combining many frequently used features.