The effects of the gigantic storm that devastated many areas in the Northeast is rippling through the game industry. Take-Two Interactive originally planned on reporting its fiscal earnings for second quarter of fiscal 2013 this afternoon, but the video-game publisher is postponing this announcement and related events due to Hurricane Sandy.

This natural disaster is a legitimate tragedy. Many people are still in danger or without power because of the storm. Our first thoughts are with the people in harm’s way and the people trying to save them. But other news is happening in our trivial corner of the world, and we have to cover it.

If anything, Take-Two cancelling its earnings report indicates just how wide-reaching the effects of Sandy are. Corporations almost never delay a scheduled investors event like this.

Take-Two is the parent publisher of developers like Grand Theft Auto studio Rockstar Games and Borderlands 2 studio Gearbox Software.

The New York Stock Exchange is closed today for the second day in a row. This is the first time since 1888 that the NYSE shut its doors on consecutive days for a weather-related event. On that occasion, a blizzard left 40-feet high snowbanks in the streets of Manhattan. The NYSE should reopen on Wednesday.

Take-Two Interactive plans to reschedule its earnings report but provided no suggested date.