Name: Danny Trinh
Gig: Product designer at Path

Tell us exactly what you do.
“As a designer, I work with a really talented team to build a mobile app for your iPhone or Android called Path.”

You’re only 21 and have been working in tech for four years. Why did you choose to go into the tech field right after high school? 
“It is one of the most accessible places to leave a mark on the world. That said, I owe a great deal to Daniel Burka and the family at Digg, who took me in at 17. Their friendship and guidance are mostly responsible for how I survived out here.”

How would you describe your style?
“Amateur Daniel Burka.”

What are your go-to wardrobe staples? 
“Bombers, jackets, and boots.”

What’s the biggest fashion offense you’ve witnessed in the tech industry?
“People who wear something branded by the company they work for 24/7. So sad to see.”

Photo: Danny rocking very blue hues! He sports a Bespoken jacket, Shipley & Halmos shirt, Vanishing Elephant sweater, J Brand jeans, and J.D. Fisk boots.