Food porn is not for all, but those who do get a rise out of obscene photos of dishes should check out Yelp. The rest of you, shield your eyes, because what you’re going to find on Yelp’s new menu pages may be hard to stomach.

Business reviews company Yelp today introduced visual menus that incorporate people-captured candids of restaurants’ menu items. Yelp released menus across its website, mobile website, and mobile applications.

The menus represent Yelp’s first official attempt to provide people with a complete list of a restaurant’s dining options. The company untangled the mess that was user-added photos and dish-related reviews to create its photo-enhanced menus.

Above: Yum, yum?

Yelpers can access the dedicated visual menu pages from the “Explore the Menu” link on a business page. When they do, they’ll find a list of menu items with prices, pictures, and reviews for each dish. People can click on individual dishes to view even more photos and read up on the item’s appeal, or lack thereof, from those who’ve mentioned the particular dish in a Yelp review. So vegans, vegetarians, and those grossed out by indecent food photos, be careful what you click on!

A company spokesperson told VentureBeat that the menu release is Yelp’s first product launched across all three of its properties: web, mobile web, and mobile apps. Yelp is rolling out menus to business pages in the U.S. starting today.

Photo credit: Simon Willison/Flickr