Microsoft just released a new platform, and game-streaming firm Agawi is already angling to get in on the ground floor with a new Windows 8 app for gamers.

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Agawi is cloud-gaming service provider that helps developers to quickly port their games to many different platforms using streaming technology. It released its GameZen application, available now in the Windows 8 app store, which streams  midcore social and massively multiplayer online games like Marvel Avengers Alliance to Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

“We’ve been working for many months on this project,” Agawi executive chairman Peter Relan told GamesBeat. “New platform launches are rare. They occur once every now and then. I say ‘new platform,’ and I don’t mean something like the iPad mini. I mean the iOS App Store. These [new platforms] don’t even arise annually — it’s every few years. I believe those who get there early reap all of the benefits of the early distribution and discovery.”

And it is early for Windows 8’s application market. Microsoft only began selling its newest operating system last week. The in-OS app store has just over 1,000 apps on it.

“The Windows store right now is not as big — especially for the tablet — compared to the competitor’s stores. But by releasing GameZen, we’re instantly bringing thousands of games,” Relan said.

Agawi focused on Windows 8 touch devices since its cloud technology results in quick, nearly seamless porting to all kinds of different hardware. Since it’s on those devices so early, it can quickly become the go-to gaming solution for Windows 8 users.

Relan is looking to bring more games to GameZen in the future, so if this early-adopter strategy pays off, it could become the preferred platform for gamers looking for something to play and developers looking for some players.