Madden Social 2

In what appears to be an inevitable move, Electronic Arts has released a new version of its Madden Football game built specifically for mobile devices and social networks.

The latest installment of the franchise, Madden NFL 13 Social, is available on iPhones, iPads, and Facebook today. The video game mega-developer bills it as a “complete” turn-based multiplayer game experience for people of all skill levels, however Madden Social focuses entirely on offensive plays. It’s also a football game, so most people who download it know what to expect.

Madden Social offers touch-screen controls to move your players in the iOS versions, while the Facebook game gives you the option of choosing offensive strategies and watching the results via a simulated engine. It also lets you toggle between iOS and Facebook versions. That means when you’re sitting in a traffic jam playing on your iPhone, you can pick the game up again later at home via Facebook or iPad.

Players can set their team lineups through an auction house system to assemble a custom roster of NFL players. Madden NFL 13 Social uses a card-based management system that’s similar to the Madden Ultimate Team for consoles. Various portions of the gameplay grant you coins that you can use to buy new stuff to improve your team. I’m sure this will also eventually give way to an option to purchase more coins using real money or Facebook credits.

Madden Social is available for free via Apple App Store or through the official EA Madden Facebook page. Check out a gallery of screenshots from the game below.